Automated Sample Traceability
Right from the start.


Making technology feel like one has always worked with it. Sophistication doesn’t translate into complication but into intuitively working smarter and faster, simply factoring in the human power to see light.


Indexor demands less inputs for more information. Faster with less steps – in fact, just one! Immediate information, instant action – at the speed of light.


A disruptive and patented technology solution with proven standards of RFID, barcodes and LEDs. A breakthrough without making use of automation and robotics.

sample tracking . lightning simple


Made to last, iRack is produced with polycarbonate and it can stand temperatures from -80ºC to 120ºC. Also being washable extends the product life cycle


iRack are made and designed with freezer space efficiency in mind.  That’s why they come with easy lock cover that allows them to be piled thus making better use of shelves.


The iRack has embeded RFID tecnhology allowing to store data of sample information thus offering the chance to share it across the lab

designed for the lab . optimized for Indexor

What our Lab Heroes say about Indexor

Time! Now, each technician gained at least on hour that was being wasted in searching. So, in a sense, by freeing them from that, we gained technicians.

José Carlos PalharesDr.

We gained a lot of time. A nice additional tool is to print barcodes [for aliquots]

Oliver BartoschDr.

there are +1326 Indexors
installed in 18 countries
and +120 Labs equipped